Mek Memoirs Facsimile Edition by Kevin O'Neill

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Mek Memoirs Facsimile Edition by Kevin O'Neill

Dark & Golden Books are delighted to reissue the 1976 comic classic, Mek Memoirs. See the future history of robot warfare captured on video for the very first time. Von Kruppenstein! The Crusher! The Killdozers! Take a peek at the horrible world to come in searing battle action! This acerbic end of the world comedy is an unmissable look at a war you never want to see happen! This robot conflict urtext set the stage for the comics sci-fi revolution that was just around the corner.

Art by Kevin O’Neill, story by Chris Lowder writing as Jack Adrian.

Newly created from scans of the original artwork, this facsimile edition comes wrapped in 8 pages of unseen material and reminiscences by artist Kevin O’Neill and writer Chris Lowder, including a brand-new cover by O’Neill created especially for this edition. In accordance with the artist’s wishes, the comic is presented without staples as originally published.

Mek Memoirs comes in an envelope alongside a bonus print of a contemporaneous O’Neill artwork.

Dark & Golden Books are dedicated to charting a less travelled course through the history of British comics, finding and celebrating mislaid and forgotten classics for the audience of today in new high-quality editions.

210mm x 270mm

20 pages, in black and white and black and orange.

Art scanned at 600 dpi on an Epson 10000XL Scanner.

Comic printed on 90GSM uncoated paper by Comic Printing UK without binding on an HP Indigo printer.

Edited by Tom Oldham and Douglas Noble.

Limited to 400 copies.